Continuing your jewelry education has never been more affordable! Employees of Jewelers of America Member companies can get the jewelry training they need to provide professional, expert service to jewelry customers through Jewelers of America’s continuing jewelry education resources, like the Diamond Council of America. Take advantage of the following jewelry training, education courses and scholarships today.

DCA Courses & Certification

DCA is an affiliate of Jewelers of America, and JA Members who join DCA receive their first course free (a $125 value). For new  DCA members, when you join DCA you'll receive a scholarship for the first enrolled course.

DCA is one of only two accredited distance-learning schools in the jewelry industry. DCA offers certificates in diamonds, gemstones and jewelry sales through online or distance education. The courses are designed for the front-line fine jewelry sales associate, who can take the jewelry sales courses at their convenience. You must be a DCA member to enroll in DCA courses.

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GIA Distance Education

Receive 10% savings on GIA's Distance Education courses and Lab classes on gemology and jewelry manufacturing arts. GIA Distance Education gemology courses are delivered 100% online through GIA eLearning, so you can complete your coursework in a fun and engaging online learning environment. Lab classes complement your Distance Education eLearning courses and provide the hands-on training you need to be successful across the global jewelry industry. Lab classes may be completed at GIA campuses in Carlsbad or New York. 

Continuing jewelry education courses are available on a variety of topics at GIA including: Diamond Essentials, Colored Stone Essentials, Jewelry Essentials, Diamond Grading, Gem Identification, Pearls, Repair, Stone Setting, and more. Take advantage of these discounts on GIA education to achieve your career development goals faster.

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Scholarships on Jewelry Education

We want to help our members develop your careers. Jewelers of America Members can apply for scholarships that DCA offers on career development and jewelry education. The jewelry education scholarships are available to employees of Jewelers of America member companies on renowned industry diploma, professional development and certification programs by the Gemological Institute of America, DCA, and Jewelers Education Foundation of American Gem Society.

Scholarship Enrollment Period: March 1 - September 30, 2018
  • Scholarships are funded in the order they are received.
  • Employees of JA and DCA Member Companies are eligible if at least 18 years of age; review the application for all eligibility requirements. 

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