October 26, 2021
Whether you have new employees joining your business for the holidays or a staff of seasoned veterans, a thorough review of your security procedures is a must this time of the year.

Neglecting security measures early on could leave your business exposed during a time when crimes against jewelers tend to escalate. Plus, not getting in the habit of security best practices will only get more difficult to change as the year progresses.

Because jewelry is in high demand during the gift-giving season, the risk of loss also increases. To minimize the risk, it's important to ensure that your entire staff knows how to sell with security before customer traffic increases.

Although there's still a lot of preparation that goes into completing another successful year, taking time to review jewelry store security is essential.

Your staff needs to know things like:
  • Various ways to prevent different types of thefts, such as grab-and-run theft
  • What to do when they suspect something suspicious, such as using a code word or phrase
  • Lock showcases immediately after removing or replacing merchandise
  • Open and close the store with two people
  • Always request a photo ID when showing high-value items
Don’t forget to talk about internal theft, a topic that often gets overlooked. It’s not always about stealing from the inventory or cash from the drawer. It can extend to employees giving discounts to a friend or stealing time by improperly accounting for their hours worked. Have documented policies and procedures in place that cover this topic and review with your staff.

Resources to Help Your Staff Sell Jewelry Securely

Your jewelry business is unique and a day in your life is different from every other jeweler. However, your days do share common traits such as your risk for being a target of crime due to the value your merchandise holds. From opening your jewelry business each morning until the last employee leaves, use the tips found in the Jeweler’s Guide to 24/7 Security to keep your business safe. As a jeweler, you also have access to FREE supplemental security materials such as showcase displays and door signage to help deter criminal activity.

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