For your next gift, make it personal and select necklaces, bracelets and rings with features that are unique to your loved one. Jewelry stores carry personalized jewelry with pre-made charms and pendants that speak to your heart or can engrave names or personal messages. Here are our favorite options for personalized jewelry that will have them thinking you spent months planning for a gift that only took a quick trip to the jewelry store.

Birthstone Jewelry

A birthstone celebrates a person’s birth and carries the deep history and characteristics of the gemstone itself. Birthstone jewelry, from gorgeous rings to bold bracelets, are personalized gifts that are easy to select at your local jeweler. Use our Birthstone Jewelry Gift Guides to discover which gemstones are right for each month. 


Charms make sentimental and fun personalized jewelry gifts because they can express any hobby, interest, name, birthstone, or memory making each gift truly unique to your special relationship. It’s a gift that keeps on giving as it allows the recipient to continue to add to their collection and customize what combination and how many charms to wear.

Message Jewelry

Message jewelry takes "statement" jewelry to a literal level and make thoughtful gifts for loved ones and oneself. Message jewelry can reflect your fun, sentimental -- even secret -- thoughts and feelings. It's easy to express your love through personalized jewelry gifts of pendants, charms, rings, and bracelets with words and messages that tell your story in a stylish way.

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