There's no better way to show the moms in your life how much they mean to you than with a gift of jewelry. One reason jewelry is the #1 gift for mom is that a jewelry gift is something she can wear to showcase how much her family loves and appreciates her. What mother doesn't love that! 

Stop by a local jewelry store that is a member of Jewelers of America before May 14, and select something special for your Mother's Day gifts. Your local trusted jeweler will be happy to show you a variety of options in your budget. For Mother's Day gift ideas, consider the four jewelry styles below that are perfect for moms. Plus, browse our Jewelry Gallery for more Mother's Day jewelry and check out our guides to Jewelry for Her and when you shop for Mother's Day gifts.

4 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2017 

Meaningful "Mom" Messages

Unlike any other gift, when you give jewelry you're sharing a treasured moment with the woman in your life, whether it be for your own mom, a new mom or a mom-to-be. One of the reasons jewelry is the #1 gift for Mother's Day is that, with a little thoughtful selection, it's easy to give her something that seems made just for her. Give her jewelry with a meaningful message or engraving about motherhood or charms that represent special moments in her life with you. Click on the photos to learn more about three of our favorite pieces and browse more here


Meaningful Birthstone Jewelry

Another personalized Mother's Day gift is jewelry that contains her birthstone or the birthstones of her children or other significant people in her life. Birthstone jewelry is an easy way to personalize your gift and add a pop of color to her wardrobe. Click on our picks for inspiration, and use our Birthstone Guide to find your mom's birthstone.

Hoop Earrings

For the fashionable mom's in your life, gift hoop earrings, a classic piece of jewelry that also happens to be trending at the moment. Look for pieces that are at least 10 karat gold or marked sterling silver and made with quality gemstones. Visit our Education & Jewelry Care section for fine jewelry shopping tips and browse more hoop earrings in our Jewelry Gallery.

Pearl Jewelry

From classic pearl strands to modern pearl rings and bracelets with pearl accents, there's something special for every mom that will be heirloom-quality when you gift pearl jewelry for Mother's Day. Before you visit your local trusted Jewelers of America jeweler, educate yourself with our Guide to Buying Pearl Jewelry.



Shop With a Trusted Jeweler

When buying jewelry, always shop with reputable jewelers that have a long-standing history of service to their communities. Reputable jewelers, like members of Jewelers of America, are committed to upholding the highest social, environmental and ethical business practices. You can trust that they will walk you through the best jewelry gift options and be there to help you take care of your jewelry for years to come. Use our Jewelry Store Locator to find a jewelry store near you that is a member of Jewelers of America!

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