If you're searching for February birthday gifts, jewelry with the February birthstone amethyst is the perfect choice. Amethyst birthstone jewelry gives your gift a personalized touch that shows how much you care. See our favorite amethyst birthday gifts, from sparkling earrings to regal rings.

Make her feel like a queen on her birthday with a birthday gift of amethyst jewelry. Amethyst gives women and men the look of royalty at affordable prices. Royalty and religious figures once wore amethyst as a symbol of their important stature in society. Ancient Greeks believed amethyst possessed mystical powers, like preventing drunkenness and conveying strength and wit when worn. Learn more of amethyst’s special characteristics here.

When shopping for birthstone jewelry gifts, always shop with professional jewelers -- look for jewelry stores that are Jewelers of America Members -- who can show you a range of options and explain any special properties of the birthstone jewelry.

Browse jewelry and jewelry gift ideas by other Jewelers of America designer members in our Jewelry Gallery.

All birthstone jewelry pictured is by jewelry designers who are members of Jewelers of America and uphold the highest social, environmental and ethical business practices.
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