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Jewelers of America held its annual national retailer design competition, the CASE Awards, at the JA New York Winter Show, March 1-4, 2014. The CASE Awards honor the talented jewelry designers found in Jewelers of America-member jewelry stores nationwide. More than 63 jewelers from JA Retail Member companies entered and five winners were chosen in six jewelry design categories.

View the jewelry pieces that won 2014 CASE Awards!

About The CASE Awards

A truly beautiful piece of jewelry combines nature’s most splendid handiwork with the vision and artistic creativity of the designer and the skill and execution of the fabricating jeweler. Jewelers of America’s national retailer design competition – The CASE Awards – honors members who create jewelry pieces with the highest levels of creativity, artistry, skills and excellence in quality and style. To be recognized with an CASE Award, Jewelers of America members must express their individuality and craft through the design and manufacture of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Jewelers of America is committed to bringing national media attention to all competition participants, providing each entrant a platform to share their unique brand and perspective with retail jewelry consumers in their market area and across the nation.

The 2015 CASE Awards will be held at the JA New York Winter Show 2015. The jewelry pieces entered in the competition are displayed to show attendees. Winners receive a CASE Awards plaque to display in store and other promotional benefits. For complete details, read the CASE Awards Official Guidelines.



Official Guidelines:
complete details on competition requirements, schedule and benefits
Photo Gallery of Winners:
see the winning JA-member jewelry pieces from past years