Branding MaterialsConsumers actively seek out professional JA-member jewelry businesses, because they stand as leaders in the retail jewelry industry. Help them find you by using JA’s free branding materials to publicize membership.

Consistent use of the JA name and logo in your store and promotional materials reinforces your commitment to the high professional standards of Jewelers of America.

Exclusive JA Branding Materials

Upon joining Jewelers of America or renewing your membership, you receive free JA branding materials, including:

  • JA door decal: The transparent decal should be placed on your store window or door. It is dated with the current year to reflect you are a JA member in good standing.
  • JA showcase cling sticker: The transparent decal is ideal for a prominent location on your showcase displays. Customers will know that they are dealing with a knowledgeable, professional JA jewelry business.
  • JA logo sheet: Incorporate your JA-member status into all print and digital publicity materials. JA also strongly encourages you to use the JA name and logo on your website, to reassure browsing online shoppers that your jewelry business is professional and trustworthy. (JA Members can click here to download logo files)


Logo Usage policy

Review Jewelers of America's policy and guidelines for the use of its name and logo. 

jewelers of america logo policy

For further information about the use of the JA name and logo, contact your JA membership representative:

(800) 223-0673 or